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The Learning Adventure of a Lifetime

Love Letters

What Students & Parents are saying

Here are some comments from students and parents about the help that is given to them during the process of deciding on a college, applying to Bond, accepting and coming to Bond & Australia.

Testimonials or nice things people say about us :)


I am all set to go, I would just like to thank you once again for your help and patience with me through out this. I know it has taken along time for me to get everything read for Bond andii am very greatful for all the help and guidance that you provided me.

thanks again,

Thank you so much. I honestly dont know how I would get all this done without you. Drinks on me when I arrive! Thanks again,


Dear Rob

Your kind guidance through the application process certainly does not go unnoticed and I cannot thank you enough


WOW! I know the time is near, I am so ready. I was wondering if you ever recieved my official transcript in the mail from my University? Thank you so much for your continued awesome help!!!!!!

Sounds wonderful, Im very anxious. We are renting a car thru Hertz Rent a Car. Thank you so much for all your have made this process so much less stressful.
Thank you,
Taylor - INDIANA

Thanks Rob. Its really good knowing your school actually cares.

Hey Rob,
Thanks for the update! Your my direct link to what's going on and I appreciate all the help you have given me. I don't have any means of gauging actual rooms other than a brief statement about what they are like. If all the tower rooms are gone, which I hear are the best, where in your opinion would be the best place to stay?

Thank you for the wonderful news, I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Bond so soon, and it looks like I have some planning ahead of me. Thank you for all you help and the periodical updates. It has definitely played a part in my decision to attend Bond University. Thanks again.


Hi Rob! Thanks for checking up on me! Things are going well, I've seen the beach & the rain forest at Spring Brook, climbed out by the waterfall - - it's so lovely. I thrink my directionns around campus from my apartment and to the grocery store is getting better! thanks again for everything and yes! I have my luggage, got it on Saturday night around 11pm, so I am very very happy about that. I'll look into the cells phones on WEdnesday, I'll do my very best to get one, they sound great!

Thanks again!

Thanks for the information for course registration. As well thanks for the cell phone information. I will definintely look into getting the phones especially if they are pay as you go and I can get one for my
girlfriend and talk with her for free after 8.

Thanks again for all the information. You've been amazing with all the help you've given along the way!


Sept 07 Jonathan from New York

Hello Rob,
hope your travels are uneventful going back to USA!

We all just wanted to say thanks for helping to get us situated here at school! The other night we went to Don's Tavern and played in the Trivia night, and we called ourselves team Rob Field... and we won one of the rounds!! Again, thanks for helping us out down here, and good luck recruiting
for next year! Jonathan and the rest of the Team

July 07 Eric from California

I just wanted to say thank you for all the help. The service you provide for aspiring students like me is amazing. You guys have definitely struck a chord with me that no other university can match. I received my information packet right on time and have gone through it at least two or three times. Whether it was the neat pictures or the information itself, it had me very enthralled. But yes, if it isn't to much to ask I would love to get my hands on some FAFSA financial aid information. I could certainly use that. Once again, thank you for all your assistance, its greatly appreciated.

March 07 Amanda from New York

Hi Rob, It was so great to get your email! I don't know if you remember me, as I know you work with so many students, but you helped my good friend Amber and I study abroad at Bond from University of San Diego. It was the greatest time of our lives, and I can't believe it was almost four years ago. A good friend of mine from Oklahoma is there studying right now. I told him about and he took my advice, and he's inevitably having the time of his life as well.

Feb 2005 Ryan

Hey there Rob,
I think I got an email from you not too long after I graduated last October and I can't remember if I responded or not. Firstly I just wanted to say thank you. Every time I recount my story of how I ended up at Bond, I always think of you taking the time to go out of your way to meet with me when I was still at UC Riverside and how accommodating you were when I arrived in the country. If it hadn't been for you and Campus Down Under there is now way that I ever would have ended up going to Bond and having a truly unique and unforgettable university experience. I am sure that this positive experience will be a stepping stone for many more exciting opportunities and worthwhile
experiences in the future. For this I owe you a thousand thanks.

I am pretty sure I have everything I need.. I hope!

Thanks for all you help


Just wanted to drop a quick line to tell you THANK U !!!! for everything that you have done for me. Your help is greatly appreciated & your quick responses are phenominal!!!!! Fantastic ! Thank you so much!


Rob~ Thanks SOOO much. Just finished registering for all of my classes!!! I really appreciate you fixing the Biology problem for me. You're the best, thanks again. *Sara - MICHIGAN.


Aug 07 Terry DE

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your warm and generous hospitality. Kayla and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Australia including seeing Bond; your country is beyond description. I think ultimately I was hoping once Kayla saw what a long journey it was and how exhausting the trip would be it would cause her to change her mind. But after seeing the school and Australia it probably has cemented her desire to attend school there even greater, I can't say I blame her. We will work on getting her application materials together, and hopefully if all goes well she will be accepted.

If you are ever in the Delaware/Philadelphia area please don't hesitate to call so we can return the favor. Regards,

Sincerely, Terry - DELAWARE.

Thanks very much Rob, I really am so happy to have a mate ... You .... In Australia.... To get good info from.... Jackie is the only one who is studying Internationally from her graduating class of 560 + The family ..... Other than siblings...... Think she's making a mistake leaving the US to study at Bond...... I think it's a great opportunity..... I believe friends will be important ..... Since she doesn't have her family close by as a support system ... I hope she has a little luck with that..... Friends and safety are my only worries..... I'd appreciate your thoughts on those if you care to share them

Thanks Rob.... I'll probably see you in August...... I will probably be coming to help Jackie set up.... Do parents do that???? What do you think???

Jeannette - NEW YORK

Sep 07

Dear Rob

Hi! How are you doing? Great I hope.This is Chanin, Britneys mom! I just wanted to Thank You so much againd for all of your help getting her thru the whole college process! You were always there to help and so patient! We couldn't have done it without you. Also thank you for picking Britney up at the airport, allowing her to stay and helping her get settled set up for college there in Australia! You are a wonderful person and I thank you again for all of your help. Also I have another favour, Britanys voicemail on her phone was setup now it is not working, could you help? And I believe she needs help getting her internet connected, would you alse be able to help her with that? Thanks! She thinks she would like to stay "off campus" next semester is that something you could discuss with her? Thanks again for everything! I'll talk to you soon! Take care

Sincery Chanin from OHIO

Hi Rob

John made his connection in LA and will be arriving on time at Brisbane. He will arrive on Qantas flight 176 and arrive at 6:05 AM. John will meet you at the designated spot.

Thanks for picking up John and for ll your help! Have a great day!

Thank you for staying on this, if it wasn't for your follow up this would not be happening



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