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The Learning Adventure of a Lifetime

Why have Campus Down Under help you?

If you have decided to go to college in Australia then you are headed for the Educational Adventure of a lifetime. Like any adventure, there will be lots of things you don't know about. The first part of your educational adventure is learning all the steps you have to take to actually make your dream of attending Bond come true. There are forms to fill out, subjects, programs, courses and semesters to choose, visas to apply for, flights and accommodation to book, travel arrangements to be made, and lots of answers to questions that you or your parents will have. Questions about things like cell phones, financial aid, shipping belongings, buying textbooks, online services, credit transfers and so much more. And this is all before your adventure at Bond has ever started.

You have a choice...set out alone on this adventure and try to discover what steps you should take, how quickly to take them and the vital order in which these steps need to be taken, - and maybe make a mistake that will delay going to Bond - or you can work with an experienced, Australian professional who will advise and personally assist you every step of the way - right down to taking you to the mall and essential supplies shopping on the day you arrive and helping you select the tastiest biscuits (that's what Australians call cookies) and chocolates. Adventurers throughout history have always chosen to work with local guides to be sure that they had the benefit of local knowledge, experience and expertise. That's what you'll get when you choose to work with Campus Down Under.