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The Learning Adventure of a Lifetime

Study Abroad for a semester or 2

The Study Abroad Guide (at right) is the best place to start for complete and current information on studying at Bond as a study abroad student (eg. 1 or 2 semesters). 

Why Bond for Study Abroad?

Study Abroad Classes

Short Summer Programs

Semester Dates

Grading System

Getting Credit for Classes taken at Bond

Student & Work Visa

Entry Requirements

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How to Apply

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Why Bond for Study Abroad?

§ Bond University is the only Australian university with semesters that match US College semesters and quarters. This means you can study at Bond for just 1 semester/quarter (or longer) and not skip a beat with your current program.

  • Bond is Australia’s #1 university.
  • Australia is ranked a world leader in education by the United Nations.
  • Bond MBA and Law Students are world champions.
  • Bond’s Film & TV program is ranked Top 10 in the World.
  • The staff to student ratio at Bond is 1:11 (one of the worlds lowest)
  • Australia is an English speaking nation.
  • US financial aid transfers from your current university to Bond University with ease.
  • Bond's professors, lecturers and guest speakers are internationally renowned for their unique blend of high-level academic qualifications and real-life practical experience consulting to major corporations worldwide.

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Study Abroad Classes

Classes are available from each of the 4 faculties/ 10 schools at Bond and can be undertaken at the Undergraduate or Graduate level. Complete details of classes are provided in the Undergraduate & Graduate guides, but a summary can be viewed in the About Bond | Schools channel.

There is a choice of more than 3,000 classes in a diverse range of disciplines and as a study abroad student, you can enroll in either 3 of 4 classes for the semester.

To make it a little easier to decide on what to study there are some major/minor areas for you to consider: - Study Abroad Packages that contain a number of related classes in

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Managment
  • Urban Planning
  • Forensic Science/Criminology
  • Sports Management
  • Sports Science
  • Children Services
  • Law
  • Journalism
  • International Relations
  • Film and Television
  • Communication and Media
  • Australian Studies
  • Humanities and Social Sciences

Some of the most popular classes for our Study Abroad students are:

Australia: Dreamtime to Dust
Australian Culture in the International Perspective
Australian History
Australian Legal System
Australian Media Industries
Buddhist Philosophy
Business Law
Consumer + Buyer Behaviour
Contemporary Issues in Law and Society
Corporate Finance
Counselling – Understanding and Changing Human Behaviour
Crime and Deviance
Doing Business in Australia
Early Childhood Curriculum (New Subject)
East-West International Diplomacy
Families, Groups and Communities
Film Industry: Movies, Markets and Management
Forensic Criminology
Human Biology
Intercultural Communication
International Business
Internet Marketing
Introduction to Hispanic Culture
Nutrition + Health
Organisational Behaviour
Psychology of Sport + Exercise
Public Relations Practice and Events Management
Social Psychology
Sport Tourism
Strategic Marketing
Website DevelopmentT

This is just a sample of the courses available to Study Abroad students but do keep in mind that not all subjects listed above are available in every semester and some may require you to have completed prerequisites at your home college.

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Summer Program

Summer Programs at Bond

Instead of your usual summer program, why not complete a full quarter or semester over the summer? Our summer semester starts in May and ends in August. There are 3 popular options for this:

  1. If your college is on quarters, you make this work my completing the Winter quarter at home and then taking a 1 month break and then attend the May-August semester at Bond. You will then be back in time for the Fall quarter so you don't skip a beat and complete your 3 quarters during the year.
  2. If you are up for more than 1 quarter/semester abroad, then you can study your Winter and Spring quarters or Spring and Fall quarters at Bond. Bond is the only Australian university that gives you this flexibility.
  3. Take a short summer program to explore Australia and experience the amazing environment and then study for a semester abroad in the September semester.

6 or 4 week Week Study/Travel Programs - The Australian Experience
July/August CRICOS CODE: 057416E

Presented as a combination of classroom and fieldwork, our four-week and six-week study programs are designed especially for overseas students to give you in-depth theoretical understanding of the Australian way of life, reinforced by the experience of being exposed to famous cultural, historical and ecological locations throughout Australia. Click image at left to view the program guide.


SHORT SUMMER PROGRAMS - go to the Short Programs page for more detail

6 week program June 7 to July 17
2 classes credits - equivalent to 6-8 credit points, includes meals & housing

4 week program July 19 to August 15 & January 3-23 (Summer in Australia)
1 class credit - equivalent to 3-4 credit points, includes meals & housing

From when we meet you at the airport till we say goodbye, all essential travel, accommodation and food expenses are covered by the total package fee*

Program fees include:

  • Course tuition and resource materials
  • Share accommodation on campus at bond university
  • Dormitory-style accommodation on field trips/tours
  • All meals
  • Internal flights, rail and coach travel within Australia
  • Tours as specified in the itinerary
  • Park, gallery, and attractions fees
  • Local airport pickup and farewells

* travel cost from home country to Bond University and return not included.

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Semester Dates

Bond has 3 intakes per year - September, January and May. To see the exact dates, refer to About Bond | Semester Dates.

Grading System

Bond University makes it easy for US students because it is the only Australian university that follows the American GPA system. The grading system is on a four point scale and a guide to the US equivalent is as follows:



 % Mark Range

 US Equivalent


High Distinction

85 - 100




75 - 84




65 - 74




50 - 64



Conceded Pass

47 - 49




< 47


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Getting Credit for Classes taken at Bond

This is not as complicated as you might think. Basically, you select the classes you wish to study during your semester(s) at Bond and then present the course material (which we provide you with) to the Foreign Study or International Programs office at your college who will help you secure the necessary approvals required before you depart for Australia.

Once you return from your studies at Bond, we will present your transcripts to your home college and they will credit those classes passed toward your degree.

IMPORTANT: Even though you receive credit for the classes completed (and passed) at Bond, the grade does not transfer so your GPA remains unaffected while studying abroad.

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Student & Work Visas

As when traveling to many countries, you need to seek permission from that country to stay for extended periods of time. Accordingly, you will require a student visa to study at Bond. A Student Visa may only be applied for once you are accepted to study at Bond University and you have received your Confirmation of Enrollment. Don't sweat it though. We guide you through this process and make it pain free. For study abroad students, it takes only 2 days and is done completely online.

Your student visa allows you to work upto 20 hours per week. Students are still not allowed to work until they have started their course, though, and the hours they can work have not been changed. This applies to both students and any family members travelling with them on their visa.

Work rights give students permission to work up to 20 hours a week while their course is in session and unlimited hours during scheduled course breaks.

Entry Requirements for North American Students

Each application is assessed on an individual basis, however, Bond generally requires a current GPA of 2.5 and above to gain entry as a Study Abroad student.

Request an Study Abroad Guide by mail

Click here to complete the form for us to mail you a Study Abroad Guide. Remember, you can also open it and view it at any time at the top of this page.

How to Apply

Please visit the Get More Info section of this site for more information.

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