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The Learning Adventure of a Lifetime

Schools at Bond

Bond has 10 schools. For more complete details on the programs on offer, please refer to the Course Guides in the Programs channel.

Business | Communications & Media | Health Sciences | Hotel Resort & Tourism | Humanities | Information Technology | Law | Medicine | Social Sciences | Sustainable Development



Bond University’s Faculty of Business is one of the world's most dynamic private business schools and offers a diverse range of programs, each characterized by a hands-on entrepreneurial approach, applying academic theory to the often intangible complexities of actual corporate case-studies.

Whether you want to specialize in accounting, finance, management, marketing, international business, strategy, human resources, electronic commerce or administration, a Bond business degree is your passport to success.

The academic staff hold PhDs from top international universities and challenge students to learn the most forward thinking business techniques. There is also a strong focus on real life relevance presented by corporate achievers who have worked for and consulted to Fortune 500 companies around the globe and who now share their insights and instincts in Bond lecture theatres and classes.

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Hotel Resort & Tourism Management

Bond University has announced a new School of Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management, that, in partnership with Marriott International, will offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs from January 2009.

Head of School, Professor Elizabeth Roberts, says the new programs have been developed in response to critical shortages for qualified management professionals in the hotel and tourism industry both in Australia, and internationally.

“Hospitality and tourism is now the world's largest industry, employing one in every nine people world-wide and generating around four trillion dollars annually,” she said.

“Business at this scale requires managers with highly advanced analytical and management skills, and the demand for these professionals is currently far exceeding the supply of qualified graduates.

“We have developed niche Bachelor and Masters-level programs that will equip graduates with specific knowledge in the area of revenue management to enhance their career outcomes. There are no other programs like these in Australia,” Professor Roberts said.

Also unique to Bond University's School of Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management is its industry partnership with globally recognised hotel and resort operator, Marriott International.

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Humanities & Social Sciences faculty

One of the most innovative of its kind in Australia, Bond’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers programs in over 15 disciplines ranging from International Relations, Education, Psychology and Criminology through to Journalism, Film and Television and Computer Games to name a few.

With a strong emphasis on vocationally oriented studies, the classes offered reflect the University’s international role and underline its commitment to Australia and its immediate interests. In all disciplines, the very latest theory and research is applied to real-life practice, with the opportunity for internships and work experience, and the Faculty prides itself on offering a challenging intellectual climate that encourages students to widen their sense of what is humanly possible.

Schools within the faculty are:-

Communication & Media

Advertising - Computer Games - Corporate Communication - Film, Television and Creative Arts - Journalism - Media - Multimedia Design - Public Relations


Education (postgraduate only) - Applied Linguistics - International Relations - Philosophy - Languages currently Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French

Social Sciences

Behaviour Management - Counselling - Criminology - Psychology - Forensic Psychology.

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Information Technology

Information Technology is no longer the sole domain of computer geeks and database managers. Forward thinking companies are now elevating the IT experts to senior management and boardroom status, relying on their specialist knowledge of today's technology to fast track tomorrow's success.

Bond IT degrees focus on the problem solving, negotiation and communication techniques required by IT professionals.

The beauty of IT qualifications is that they relate to all industry sectors - from political number crunching and corporate strategy through to multimedia entertainment, create arts and website management. They can also be applied in almost any country, therefore making it a true international qualification.

Bond IT graduates are working in major international investment banks, accounting firms and Fortune 500 companies as well as in information risk management, IT security, disaster recovery and business continuity.

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Health Sciences

The School of Health Sciences is dedicated to shaping health professionals who are distinguished not just by their superior clinical skills, but by their ethics, compassion and humanity. The Faculty’s extensive range of subject offerings in the fields of biomedical science, children’s services, sports science and sports management combine research-based teaching knowledge with supervised professional experience.

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The Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is an integrated case-based course, built around four themes: Scientific Basis of Medicine; Clinical Skills; Health and Society; and Personal and Professional Development.

A variety of teaching and learning methods is employed including case-based small group tutorials, problem-based tutorials, practical classes, clinical skills laboratory training, self-directed learning, web-based/e-learning, interactive seminars and lectures. Early clinical exposure is a feature, together with an emphasis on community-based clinical attachments. There is 1 intake each year in May for the MBBS.

The Bond University Medical Program has been accredited by the Australian Medical Council. This is a rigorous assessment process, and only medical programs which meet or exceed the required standards are approved. It means graduates are eligible for registration as a medical practitioner in any State or Territory of Australia. This does not extend a graduate automatic reciprocity of recognition of their qualification in another country. Graduates should ascertain what the respective registration requirements are.

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Recognized as one of Australia's and globally top-ranked law schools, Bond Law has earned a reputation for its innovative teaching methods, internationally focused skills training and the outstanding success of its graduates.

A key factor in the Faculty's high standing is the academic and industry experience offered by some of Australia's most eminent law professors, lecturers and legal specialists who have tailored teaching systems specifically designed to prepare graduates for upper echelon careers in all areas of the legal profession, including business, industry and government.

Bond Law was the first Australian law faculty to incorporate a Legal Skills program into both undergraduate and graduate curricula, and the only faculty to limit tutorials to less than twelve students, ensuring each benefits from individual attention.

Bond Law students have full access to unparalleled academic and technological resources (including one of Australia's most extensive law libraries), prestigious internships with organizations such as Austrade and the United Nations and an international exchange program with prominent partners such as Duke University and Northwestern University in the USA.

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Sustainable Development

Degrees in Urban Development and Project Management commenced in September 2006, while degrees in Privatized Infrastructure Management and Sustainable Design commenced in 2007.

The School of Sustainable Development will be the first designated planning and design course in Australia to fully integrate environmental, urban planning and architectural disciplines with the core practical issues of financial viability and societal expectations.

Most current degree programs in Australia focus heavily on engineering and architecture disciplines without a strong emphasis on the triple bottom line (economic, social and environmental), thus resulting in urban development outcomes that are design-driven. Bond University has created courses based on the understanding that “sustainability is about creating value for the long term – for security holders, communities in which we do business, customers and business partners. With this ethos in mind, we are laying foundations for the future, building quality into every project”

Positioned within Bond’s respected Business Faculty and drawing on cross-faculty expertise, the School of Sustainable Development is the only school to offer teaching and research programs that place environmentally sustainable planning and design within the context of business, societal, economic, financial, legal and information technology applications.

In creating this innovative multi-disciplinary approach, a totally new curriculum has been developed from the ground up – one that looks to the future of sustainable development whilst embracing established design principles, proven environmental practices and master planning guidelines. The courses have been designed in partnership with industry professionals to ensure work-place ready graduates who are skilled in the creation of livable communities that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

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