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The Learning Adventure of a Lifetime

What Do I Need To Do To Attend Bond?

Admissions & Preparation Process

Week 1

1. Complete a Personal Profile
By completing this, you are not making any commitment. You are simply providing Campus Down Under with your basic information so that we can appoint an agent to you and email or mail you information relevant to your area(s) of interest.  You can request a student catalogue to be mailed to you.

Click here to complete a personal profile


2. Apply on-line or Complete & Send an Application Form
Bond Application forms are very easy to complete, however, should you need any assistance, we will be glad to guide you with your application. Once the form is completed, you simply pop it in the mail to us.

Application Forms or APPLY ONLINE - you can save your application and complete latter



3. Send your Official Transcripts (if required)

If you are a study abroad, transfer student or have completed any college classes, please order official/certified transcripts from your college and have them mailed direct to us in Franklin Tennessee. Transcripts must be official and are void if the envelope is opened.



4. Faculty Recommendation Form (Semester Abroad only)
This can be downloaded on the Application Forms page. Please follow the instructions on this form and then submit to us. This form is a requirement for all Study Abroad applications. Undergraduate and Graduate applicants do not require this.



5. Application Processing

Once we have your application (and have reviewed it to completeness etc) and all materials required with your application, we will submit your application into the Admissions office at Bond University. Campus Down Under receives priority processing so your application will be processed immediately (vs the standard 6 week processing time).



Week 2

6. Receive Letter of Offer from Bond
If your application meets the academic requirements of your chosen program, you will be sent a formal Letter of Offer. This will come to you by email. The Letter of Offer will provide complete instruction on how to accept the offer, information regarding accommodation, information on methods of payment, an airport greeting booking form and the university's refund policy. Please read all of this information carefully. Your Letter of Offer will include your unique Student Identification Number (SID).

7. Accept Offer and Pay Fees
To accept your offer, you need to complete and return the Response to Offer form which accompanies your offer letter, together with all required deposits outlined in your Response to Offer form. Payment options and methods (wire, credit card etc) will also be included. Students with financial aid must still pay a deposit equal to 1 class.



8. Receive Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)

When the Office of Admissions receives your acceptance of offer and required deposits, and have met any conditions of your offer, you will be sent a Confirmation of Enrolment form which is required for your student visa application. You will also receive a receipt for payments made.



Week 3

9. Travel Planning
No need to pay for any flights just yet but it's a good idea to make a flight reservation with your travel agent or airline.



Qantas, United and Air New Zealand are the major airlines that fly to Australia (direct except for Air New Zealand which flies via New Zealand). The 2 airports that are close to Bond University are Brisbane International (Code: BNE) and the Gold Coast (Code: OOL).


Check that you have a current passport that will last for the length of your stay in Australia. If you don't have a Passport, you should apply for one immediately at your local Post Office. There have been delays in having US passports issued due to new security arrangements.

USA Passport Information: click here

USA Expedited Passports


10. Compulsory Health Insurance
All overseas students studying in Australia are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This is included in the fees for Semester Abroad students, however, those doing Undergraduate or Graduate studies will receive this information with their letter of offer. You will receive the health insurance fee schedule and general information with your Letter of Offer from Bond, detailed policy information is at

OSHC WorldCare.

11. Apply for Student Visa
You must have your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) from Bond to apply for your Student Visa. This can be completed on-line using the Australian Immigration Department web site. Semester Abroad students (eg. staying less than 12 months) can complete the application fully online. Full degree students also complete the application online, however, you will also require a medical/physical profile from your physician to be submitted to the Australian Embasy (in Washinton DC).

Click here for online visa application.



Week 4

12. Accommodation Selection
Week 4 is dedicated to finding somewhere for you to live while studying at Bond. This may be on campus or off campus. Your Campus Down Under agent will discuss with you the various accommodation options and will assist you find the best place for you and your budget. This may start earlier than Week 4 but certainly no later than Week 4. On campus accommodation is allocated on a first come first serve basis. Some semesters may experience limited space (January and  September semesters in particular).

Click here to view & work out your preferences for campus housing



Week 5

13. Register for classes using e-student

Check out the recommended classes for your first semester if you are studying for your Bachelors or Masters at Bond. Semester Abroad students will have classes pre-approved during the application process. Email for the

recommended classes for any programs

then Kick Back
Think about the good times you are about to have in Australia.


Week 6

14. Receive Student Visa
You should now have received your Student Visa from the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Semester Abroad students should have it within 48 hours. Undergraduate and Graduate applicants may need to wait a little longer.

15. Confirm Travel Arrangements
You can choose to do this at any time before you receive your student Visa, however, some students prefer to wait for their Student Visa to be approved before paying for their flight to Australia.


1 week before class.

16. Arrive in Australia

Arrive in Australia and be greeted by the Campus Down Under airport pick up service and taken to your chosen housing.

17. Orientation Week
An essential factor in preparing new students for university life is an orientation program called Bond Week which is held in the week prior to the commencement of classes. The program consists of many activities designed to acquaint new students with their physical, academic and social environment and to welcome them to the University.

Click here to view Bond Week activities



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