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MARCH 2008

Newsworthy & Interesting

I am pleased to be able to share some of the activities and achievements of Bond University students, faculty and alum with you in the newsletter below.


Applications are now open for September 08, January May and September 09 intakes, as Bond has a rolling admissions system, and there is no application fee.

Bond University Clinical Education and Research Centre - The University has been successful in applying to the Commonwealth Government’s Educational Development Program for a $2.5 million grant to help build the Bond University Clinical Education and Research Centre at Robina Hospital. The funds will be available in 2008 and 2009, supplemented by in-kind contributions from Queensland Health and $200,000 in capital from Bond University.

The Multimedia Learning Centre will provide a technology rich space where students can study in groups or individually on their research projects, communicate with their lecturers and other students, use iLearn, wireless internet, print their assignments, watch DVDs in groups or individually, create multi-media presentations and attend seminars and workshops. The Centre will also accommodate a Multimedia Gallery for Film, Television and Multimedia students incorporating plasma screens presenting student work in Film, Multimedia and Games Design, and streaming continuous video introducing the University for visitors.

Library refurbishment, expansion and upgrade – Consultations are being held with focus groups to ensure our Library maintains its first class status and remains the ‘soul’ of the University. We anticipate commencing work on the Library project this year.

Student Accommodation – will be refurbished and expanded by an additional 250 beds in response to increased demand.

New School of Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management for 2009

The Faculty is launching the new School this year with its first intake of students in 2009.

The Faculty of Business, Technology and Sustainable Development would like to welcome Professor Elizabeth Roberts as Head of the School of Hotel, Resort and Tourism Management. Elizabeth has worked at leading Hotel Management Schools in the US, Australia and New Zealand and brings with her a wealth of experience and industry contacts. Working collaboratively with Marriott International, the new School will launch with the following four programs in 2009;

Bachelor of Tourism Management,
Bachelor of International Hotel and Resort Management,
Master of Tourism Management, and
Master of International Hotel and Resort Management.


Australian popular culture considers what can be learnt about Australian society through the study of its popular culture and how that culture reflects Australia's history. It overviews major cultural images such as surfing, contemporary Aboriginal culture and the 'bush' as well as more popular images expressed through music, television, sport and cinema. It considers how popular culture may have been altered in the Australian context and questions whether there is such a thing as a distinct Australian culture. The British cultural inheritance is studied, along with the emergence of a distinct Australian culture. The course also looks at the debate over the merits of 'high' culture versus 'low' culture, as well as the way Australians have historically spent their leisure time. The challenges posed by Americanisation and globalisation are also considered.


After the first week of classes at Bond, students looked forward to the end of week "Club Sign On Day". This lakeside fair took advantage of the Gold Coast's spectacular atmosphere and sun and showcased over 50 booths including weekly sports activities, clubs and societies, our Student Services team, travel opportunities, and plenty of music and games for everyone. Even the Study Abroad Team was there to encourage students to enjoy all that they can while studying at Bond and also offer continual support throughout the semester. In addition, the event kicked off with great music, vendors, a free BBQ, and plenty of free giveaways. The day turned out to be very successful with lines of students quickly building up behind popular clubs as soon as the event started and ended with students looking forward to the activities and events taking place during the semester.




Starting in January 2008 is the new combined degree, Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Sports Management. This program is multi-disciplinary with students taking subjects from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Faculty of the Law and the Faculty of Business, Technology & Sustainable Development. The standard program can be completed in 11 semesters (less than four years) and is intended to position graduates for high end positions in managing support.

In today's world of high performance sport, a detailed understanding of the law is required. Combining the Bachelor of Sports Management with the Bachelor of Laws means that graduates increase their potential employment outcomes and will still be eligible to be admitted as a legal practitioner in Queensland after completing a Professional Legal Training course.

As one noted Sports Lawyer said when asked about this new program, "it is about time that the Law became more seriously involved in managing sport, and it is about time that lawyers learnt something about human behaviour and human resource management." For more information contact Rob@CollegeDownUnder.Net

"I am particularly pleased that the book, a research monograph, has been published so soon after my PhD," Marie-Claire said. "I graduated in August 2006 after having completed my PhD in less than three years part time. Lecturer in Intercultural Communication Peter Meggitt has selected my book as one of the texts for required reading."


The new Master of Sports Science has a strong focus on high performance science and the elite athlete. Entry requirements for this new and exciting program include a relevant undergraduate degree in Sports Science or Exercise Science or Human Movement Studies or Physiotherapy and a strong academic performance in those undergraduate degrees.

Key themes running through the Master of Sports Science includes technology and its role in measuring human performance in the laboratory and in the field, and doping, detection and how technology can be used to detect drug cheats.

In the final semester (September) of the Master of Sports Science will be a subject, Clinical Science I, which has been designed to provide a real time athlete assessment and sports science problem solving opportunities that are characteristic of a successful Sports Scientist

For more information contact Rob@CollegeDownUnder.Net

Genevieve’s paper is titled “Can work preferences (personality based) differentiate between employees scoring high or low in general mental health?”. Serena’s paper is “Do smoking cues make you want to smoke? And is it your parents’ fault?”. Jacqui Yoxall, Teaching Fellow and PhD scholar, presented a paper on “Detection of malingering: a survey of Australian psychologists’ current practices”.

The students were blindfolded at the door and led to their seats. It was interesting to see how the students reacted; common comments included, "I became reliant on others for assistance" and "I felt isolated despite being in a room full of people".

Guest speaker, Jessica Kendall, has been blind since birth and she spoke about living with her vision impairment and the challenges that vision impairment presented for her education. Jessica completed a Bachelor of Arts degree and has recently gained employment with a Gold Coast radio station, which Jessica describes as a "dream come true". A braille machine and a laptop with specific software assisted Jessica with her studies. We, at the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine, thank Jessica very much for her time and providing a wonderful insight into her life.

This dinner will become an annual experience for all Health Sciences students at Bond University. The evening closed with a quote from American scientist, Oliver Wendell Holmes, "A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience."


Congratulations to Law/International Relations alumni, Ed Brockhoff (022), on his prestigious appointment as an Associate to High Court Judge, Justice Michael Kirby.

Ed was selected as a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholar in his final year of secondary school at Prince Alfred College in Adelaide. He fulfilled all expectations at Bond; serving on the Student Council for two terms, working as a Res Fellow, and being part of our Australian champion Jessup Moot team that travelled to Washington in March 2006 to contest the international rounds. Having stayed on in the States after the Jessup finals, he wrote his final assessment in New York, sat his exams in Canada … and still managed to graduate as valedictorian in May of that year. After such a stellar performance, Ed had no trouble lining up a position as Associate to two Supreme Court judges with a start date of July 07 which gave him a year to backpack around North America, Europe and Asia.

But barely one week into his trip, Ed received word that he’d been granted an interview for an even more prestigious position – that of Associate to Justice Kirby. "As it turned out, Justice Kirby was coming over to the States to deliver a speech in Bloomington, Indiana and agreed to interview me there," said Ed. "I was up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the time, so I drove 550 km to Bloomington for the interview, then returned to Milwaukee that same day. I’d only had a couple of hours sleep the night before and I even had to borrow a suit and shoes from a fellow Bondie that I was staying with."

Nevertheless, he obviously made an impression on the Judge who agreed to keep him in mind for the next year’s intake when Ed returned to Australia. In the meantime, Ed was able to continue his travels, arriving home in July to take up the associateship he’d already arranged. During the past six months of working with the Supreme Court in Adelaide, Ed completed the interview process with Justice Kirby and was advised that he will start with the High Court in January. "It’s an incredible opportunity to work with someone of Justice Kirby’s calibre who has such a high profile reputation both here in Australia and internationally.

"Most of the other associates are a few years older than me so I’m really reaping the rewards of Bond’s fast-tracked schedule which allowed me to graduate so much earlier than students from other unis." With his degree in International Relations and a year’s worth of globetrotting under his belt, Ed would ultimately like to work in the field of diplomacy. He sees the legal experience he will gain with Justice Kirby as an important step along the way.

"It’s really useful to have experience in another area before you can seriously look at a career in foreign affairs," he said. "I imagine that the appellate work I’ll be doing with Justice Kirby and the High Court will help me develop the advanced negotiating skills I’ll ultimately need to enter the arena of international diplomacy." Ed would also like to say ‘hi and thank you’ to all the former Bondies he stayed with on his travels. "One of the many benefits of studying at Bond is that I now have friends and contacts all over the world who seemed to be quite happy to see me when I turned up on their doorstep when I was travelling!"


Gary currently owns and operates a real estate development company in St Louis, Missouri, USA. He has always intended on becoming a real estate developer and used law as a stepping stone to gain experience from a different perspective in development. Whilst practising as a lawyer, he represented many local developers and practised primarily in real estate law. He specialised in body corporate law and assisted in the structuring of developments. When an opportunity to start developing real estate in the USA arose, he embraced it. He now lives very happily in St Louis, with his wife of 6 years, Elissa, and his three children, Jaylen, Eleah and Jet.

Georgia Brookes and Tim Kurz, two recent graduates from the Bond Criminology program, are among the first 40 officers across Queensland to complete the state's new Probation and Parole Reporting Officer Development Program.

The new Probation and Parole Service has meant reshaping the Queensland Corrective Services Academy's entry level program to cater for the new duties in five key areas: surveillance, compliance, reporting, case management and assessment.

The QCS Academy graduation ceremonies were attended by a total of 120 family, friends and colleagues.

Journalism graduate Emma Chalmers, City Hall reporter at The Courier-Mail, is back in Brisbane after working in London. "London was wonderful," she said. "I spent three-and-a-half months there working for News of the World. City Hall in Brisbane is tame in comparison!" Lucinda Gambrill-Davis has emailed Bond Journalism staff with the good news that she is the newest journalist/producer for Southern Cross Ten TV station, based in Coffs Harbour, NSW. Wendy Kingston, Bond Journalism graduate of five years ago who came here from Somerset College, is now reading the Nine Network's 11am national news. She has been presenting Nine's in-flight news for Qantas.


The Heads of School / Programs / Disciplines of Exercise Science, Sports Science and Human Movement Studies from over 20 universities around Australia met at Bond University.  The meeting hosted by the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine, covered the important topic of accreditation of academic programs and the processes and procedures for becoming an accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP).

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